Australia's Future Tax System

Architecture of Australia's tax and transfer system

2.11 Additional tax and transfer tables (continued)

Table 2.22: Family assistance payments as at 1 July 2008

Payment type Rate/s Income test (no assets test)
Family Tax Benefit (FTB)

FTB Part A

Must have a dependent child aged under 21 or qualifying dependent full‑time student aged 21‑24. Child is not a dependent child (not an FTB child) if they receive an income support payment; or they are a non‑full time student aged 5‑15 or aged 16‑24 years with income at or exceeding the FTB Child Income Limit.

Rent Assistance is paid as part of the maximum rate of FTB Part A for families with children under 16.

Families eligible for the maximum rate of FTB Part A (prior to the application of the Maintenance Income Test) are also issued a Health Care Card.

Maximum rate per fortnight:

0‑12 $151

13‑15 $196.84

Base rate per fortnight:

Under 18: $48.30

18‑24: $64.96

FTB Part A supplement per child: $686.20 per annum

Large Family Supplement paid for third and each subsequent child: $10.36 per fortnight, $270.10 per annum

Multiple Birth Allowance:

Triplets: $125.58 per fortnight, $3,274.05 per annum

Quads or more: $167.44 per fortnight, $4,365.40 per annum

Maximum rate income test per annum

Lower income threshold: $42,559

Taper rate: 20%

Base rate income test per annum

Higher income threshold: $94,316

Additional Child Amount: $3,796

Taper rate: 30%

FTB Child Income Limit: $12,287 per annum

FTB Part A income test does not apply if parent receives an income support payment.

Income for the FTB Part A income test is the 'adjusted taxable income' (ATI)* of the person claiming payment and their partner for the financial year FTB is claimed.

The Maintenance Income Test applies to FTB Part A above the base rate (including Rent Assistance).

Maintenance income‑free areas per year:

Single parent, or one of a couple receiving maintenance: $1,292.10

Couple, each receiving maintenance: $2,584.20

For each additional child: $430.70

Maintenance over these amounts may reduce FTB Part A by 50 cents in the dollar, until the base rate of FTB Part A is reached.

FTB Part B

Must have a dependent child (FTB child) aged under 16 or qualifying dependent full‑time student aged 16‑18.

Maximum rate per fortnight:

Under 5 $128.80

5‑18 years $89.74

FTB Part B supplement per family:

$335.80 per annum

Second earner income test:

Income threshold: $4,526 per annum

Taper rate: 20%

For couples, the second earner income test applies to the ATI of the lower income earner.

The second earner income test does not apply to single parents.

FTB Part B income limit: payment only available if primary earner ATI is $150,000 or less.

Baby Bonus

Paid following birth (including stillbirth) or adoption of a baby. From 1 January 2009 will be extended to the adoption of children aged under 16.

Parents are required to formally register the birth of their child.

$5,000 per child.

Paid by 13 fortnightly instalments for claimants aged 17 and under.

Others recipients can be paid as a lump sum, or a combination of lump sum and fortnightly payments. From 1 January 2009, all customers will be paid by fortnightly instalment paid from the date of claim.

Baby Bonus income limit (from 1 January 2009) — family must have income of $75,000 or less in the six months following birth or adoption.

Maternity Immunisation Allowance

Paid for children aged 18‑24 months who are fully immunised, or have an approved immunisation exemption.

One‑off payment of $236.70.

From 1 January 2009, payment will be made as two instalments. The first instalment will be made to children aged 18 months and 2 years. The second will be made to children aged between 4 years one month and 5 years.

No income test.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Child must attend approved or registered care. Claimant or partner must be liable for the payment of child care fees.

Child aged under 7 must have age appropriate immunisation, or have an exemption.

All families eligible for up to 24 hours of approved care per week paid subject to family income test.

For approved care parents must meet work/study/training test during the week child care is used to receive more than 24 hours and up to 50 hours of CCB per child.

For registered care, parents must meet the work/training/study test sometime during the week child care used to receive up to 50 hours CCB.

Special rules apply to grandparents with the primary care of a grandchild(ren).

Maximum rate — approved care:

$3.47 per hour ($173.50 for 50 hour week) for a non‑school child.

Minimum rate — registered care:

$0.581 per hour ($29.05 per week) for a non‑school child.
Rates for school children 85% of non‑school rates.

Income test on maximum rate:

Income threshold: $36,573

Taper rates:

One child: 10%

Two children: 15% then 25%

Three or more children: 15% then 35%

Income test does not apply to families on income support.

CCB for approved care no longer available when family income reaches, per annum:

One child: $126,793

Two children: $131,457

Three children: $148,452
(plus $28,028 for each child after the 3rd)

Child Care Tax Rebate

Child must have attended approved care.

Claimant must be assessed as eligible for CCB.

Claimant and partner must have passed the CCB work/study/training test (for the purposes of the rebate).

50 per cent of out‑of‑pocket child care expenses for approved care, up to $7,500 for 2008‑09.

Payment made quarterly from October 2008 (for July to September).

No income test.

* Income for FTB and CCB purposes is 'adjusted taxable income' (ATI) for the financial year FTB is claimed. ATI is 'taxable income' plus the value of adjusted fringe benefits, target foreign income, net rental property loss, and tax free pension or benefit, less deductible child support paid. Family assistance payments are non‑taxable.